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Orange Tabby Publishing

First Token by Howard Zoldessy

First Token by Howard Zoldessy

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First Token is a hybrid novel and true to its title. The story is told in the cadence and pace of the 1950s. As comedic expression is a cardinal position on my compass, Token is infused with thoughtful wit. The novel’s delivery could be construed as a contradiction in terms; a stream of consciousness narrative can be navigable; the tributaries can seamlessly flow back into the river. Enchantment, disguised as fate, elevates the tale. The characters, including an orange tabby are embraceable and endearing.

Token will resonate with readers who yearn for the positive attributes of the 1950s juxtaposed to the dysfunction of today. In 1956, faith was a guiding force, the US had two billion dollars in the bank, and baseball was unequivocally our national pastime.

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